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Madhava (Chiranjeevi) works for School Teacher(Jandhyala) and his daughter Hema (Meenakshi Seshadri). Madhava and Hema are friend and also perform stage plays together. Hema father is a poet and was struggling to make his book published. Meanwhile, Hema realizes her love towards Madhava, but suppresses her feelings owing to societal divisions. Inorder to save the wedding of Hema sister Lalita (Geeta) marriage with Sripati(Sarath Babu), Madhava sells his cows and give money as a loan, by a family friend. By, learning the truth, Hema's father gives Madhava, his manuscripts. Madhava travels to town in order to make publish the manuscripts and sell them. On the way to village, Madhava was shocked to see Hema being taken away to an asylum. The rest of the story is about how Madhava save Hema and makes her normal. Will they become one?

Classic movie of all time.

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Watch Aapadbandhavudu Full Movie Directed by K. Viswanath, Starring Chiranjeevi, Meenakshi Seshadri, Which Is Released In The Year 1992, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube   Amazon Prime   JioCinema   Sun NXT   Voot