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Bluff Master

Uttam(Satyadev Kancharana) is a skilled con man. He dreams of doing ingenious scams and executes them perfectly. One of his scam include selling ordinary snakes to Dhana Shetty(Prudhvi Raj), claiming that they are exotic and will fetch crores in the international market. After that, He start promoting a nonexistent "multilevel marketing" company with its controversial chain referral schemes promising a BMW car within the year. There, he meet Avani(Nandita Swetha) as an employee in that company. She came to know about his true nature and went away. He then realizes and fall in love with her and marry. Thinking to start a new life, another gang Pasupathi(Aditya Menon) ask for maney which Uttam lost to come out of jail. He then plans a scam, pulling off "the rice pulling scam", one of the most high-profile scams of recent times. Pasupathi threaten to kill his wife if he dont give money. The rest of the story is how he escape from him and lead a normal life.

Indianized con movie

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Watch Bluff Master Full Movie Directed by Gopi Ganesh Pattabhi, Starring Satyadev Kancharana, Nandita Swetha, Which Is Released In The Year 2018, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube   Amazon Prime