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Sameera Mahaa (Regina Cassandra) fire DSP Ashok Krishna (Naveen Chandra), as an act of self-defense when tried to rape her. Sameera husband Rahul's lawyer Banerjee (Vinay Varma) contacts Sub Inspector Vikram Vasudev (Adivi Sesh), a corrupt Sub-Inspector based in Coonoor. Vikram meets Sameera in a hotel room and he takes a bribe to help make sure Ratnakar does not uncover any incriminating evidence. Ratnakar is a prestigious criminal lawyer, for prosecution. Vikram asks Sameera in a hotel room and presses for her to fully disclose the details of the situation so that he can stand in their defense. At first Sameera proclaims that Ashok had forced himself on her. When Vikram ask Sameera that her husband Rahul (Syed Irfan Ahmed) is homosexual, Sameera reveals she is only a friend to Rahul. She claims she met Ashok after she got married and they became friends, but he tried to take advantage of her and that was what lead to the shooting. Vikram shows a photo where both Sameera and Ashok are in same college, then Sameera tell him that in college Ashok and Sameera were in love but later Ashok's parents did not accept their relationship because of Sameera's then middle class status. But they met by chance and restarted their relationship. Vikram receives a call about a missing persons case, and explains to Sameera that Adarsh Varma, (Nihal Kodhaty) a cancer patient, filed a complaint a year ago about his missing father Vinay Varma (Murali Sharma). He also say that he had taken the case when Adarsh bribed him. He tells Sameera that she and Ashok have been named as suspects in the Vinay Varma case. The rest of the story is how sameera and ashok connected to vinay varma case?

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Watch Evaru Full Movie Directed by Venkat Ramji, Starring Adivi Sesh, Naveen Chandra, Regina Cassandra, Which Is Released In The Year 2019, Streaming online on OTT Platform Amazon Prime