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Marana Mrudangam

Jaani (Chiranjeevi) with his partner Bhillu (Nagendra Babu) runs small casino and earn money. One day they help Anusha (Radha) and Uthpala (Suhasini) by giving lift. They both get jobs with help of Jaani. One day, Bhillu finds drugs in an egg they purchased and start investigating. They find out the head of illegal drug transport and also find out that, the gang also offer jobs to the unemployed and use them to sell their body parts. Meanwhile, Anusha and Jaani fell in love with each other. They both start investigating the real head and finds out about Vasanth Dada(Suresh Oberoi ). They rest of the story is about how Jaani put an end to their business? Will Jaani and Anusha marry and live happily?

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Watch Marana Mrudangam Full Movie Directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy, Starring Chiranjeevi, Radha, Suhasini Maniratnam, Which Is Released In The Year 1988, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube   JioCinema   Eros Now