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MCA Middle Class Abbayi

MCA Middle Class Abbayi

Nani and his brother are close buddy until his brother got married. His sister-in-law Jyothi(Bhumika Chawla) works as Warangal RTO officer. Nani misunderstands his sister in law thinking that she was the cause for the declining rapport between him and his brother. Meanwhile, he falls in love with Pallavi (Sai Pallavi). Pallavi is Jyothi's cousin comes to live in his house. By the time he realises Jyothi care and affection towards him she lands into a trouble with Warangal Siva. Siva kidnaps Jyothi and shots himself, so that nani cant find her. The rest of the story is how nani saved his sister-in-law.?

Middle Class Abbayi...!

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Watch MCA Middle Class Abbayi Full Movie Directed by Venu Sriram, Starring Nani, Sai Pallavi, Which Is Released In The Year 2017, Streaming online on OTT Platform Amazon Prime