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Railway department decided to construct a rail bridge in a jungle and appoints a chief engineer. Unfortunately, who is constructing the rail bridge was killed by a Lion. The Railway department asks Aishwarya (Simran) to go on the mission of constructing the bridge. Aishwarya with the help of local start constructing, but the Lion starts terrorizing the crew. So, the officers decide to bring the ace hunter Raju (Chiranjeevi), is entrusted with the job of hunting the lion. Raju finally kills the lion and lost his friend Appanna Dora (Nagendra babu). Meanwhile, Raju and Aishwarya fell in love and get married. But Aishwarya father cunningly separates the couple by creating misunderstandings. The rest of the story is about how they become one and live happily.?

King of the Jungle...

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Watch Mrugaraju Full Movie Directed by Gunasekhar, Starring Chiranjeevi, Simran Bagga, Which Is Released In The Year 2001, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube   JioCinema   Sun NXT   Aha