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Murari lives with his father Sattipandu, Sister-in-law Gopi, brothers Sreenayya, Baachi and Soori and other family members. Murari considers Gopi as his mother since his mother died giving birth to him. Vasundhara(Sonali Bendre ) is a Agricultural student, daughter of Chanti(Gollapudi Maruthi Rao). Gopi is Chanti's adopted daughter. These two families are separated because of a quarrel at Gopi's marriage because of Chanti's son Rambabu. Murari falls in love with Vasundhara. They decide to marry, but her brother Rambabu dont agree for that. Seshayya comes to know that Murari is going to be the victim of Devi's curse and wont allow for marriage. Murari promises to Sabari that he would come alive along with Vasundhara to complete his Abhisheka. Bullabbayi(Ravi Babu ) who want to marry Vasundhara unintentionally stab murari. Murari realizes this as Goddess Durga's ploy and with all strength he manages to come back to the temple along with Vasundhara. The rest of the story is about how he saved.

A good Family movie, with Full of love, Full of Sentiments...

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Watch Murari Full Movie Directed by Krishna Vamsi, Starring Mahesh Babu, Sonali Bendre, Which Is Released In The Year 2001, Streaming online on OTT Platform Youtube   JioCinema   Sun NXT