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Ninnu Choodalani

Siva Reddy (K Vishwanath) and Sahadeva Reddy (Kaikala Satyanarayana) are two sweet shop giants in Twin cities. Venu (Jr. NTR) is the grandson of Siva Reddy, who is a lovable boy. Siri (Raveena Rajput) is the granddaughter of Sahadeva Reddy, feels neglected in house. Venu falls in love with Siri, and puts an advertisement with her picture asking to call his number. Siri parents get angry for the picture of her on Siva reddy sweets ad. Meanwhile, Siri and Venu falls in love. Unfortunately, Siva Reddy and Sahadeva Reddy are given MLA tickets from two opposition parties. Venu parents request him to be silent till elections complete, where, siri parents fix her marriage. Fed up with their decisions, siri leave home searching for venu. The rest of the story is about how they meet? How they get married.?

A Romantic Entertainer...

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Watch Ninnu Choodalani Full Movie Directed by V.R. Pratap, Starring Jr NTR, Raveena Rajput, Which Is Released In The Year 2001, Streaming online on OTT Platform Etv Win