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Early in 1997, Deva (Sharwanand) and his friends sell black tickets. Deva falls in love with Gita (Kalyani Priyadarshan). Suddenly Prohibition of alcohol is announced, Deva decides to enter the illegal liquor business by smuggling alcohol from Orissa into the city and sell it. Meanwhile, Deva and his gang make rivalry with MLA Simhachalam (Murli Sharma) who do illegal liquor business. Deva marries gita and lives happy life. MLA books deva and his friends for illegal liquor business and sent to jail. After coming back Deva bribes higher officials and rebooks MLA. Simhachalam murders Deva’s friends and also plans a bomb-blast that kills his wife Gita, just after she had given birth to Sahasra. In revengeful mode, deva kill all Simhachalam’s associates and shut down his criminal empire, as Simhachalam himself goes into hiding. Deva lives in spain with his daughter Sahasra (Preethi Alluri). Deva and his daughter , become well acquainted with Gita (Kajal Aggarwal), a doctor. When they visit a mall with Sahasra and Gita, an assassination attempt is made on Deva by Sanjay, who has colluded with Deva’s rivals in Spain and is being assisted by Simhachalam. Sanjay (Ajay), a contractor, with the help of an MLA from Visakhapatnam tries to convince Deva (Sharwanand) to clear a slum area, Deva refuses the request. The rest of the story is how the real culprit is punished.

A gangster drama

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Watch Ranarangam Full Movie Directed by Sudheer Varma Kucharlapati, Starring Sharwanand, Kajal Aggarwal, Kalyani Priyadarshan, Which Is Released In The Year 2019, Streaming online on OTT Platform JioCinema   Sun NXT