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Devadas(Kartikeya Gummakonda) has a fetal alcohol syndrome. He need to drink 90 ml of alcohol three times a day to stay alive. He fell in love with a girl Suvasana(Neha Solanki). Everything goes fine, but Suvasana family hates alcohol. Then comes Jon Wik (Ravi Kishan) also loves Suvasana and is a rich man. He decided to do anything for her. At first, Suvasana family like Devadas for his goodness, and agree to marry, after knowing, he is alcoholic, they decide to marry suvasana with Jon. She request deva to quit alcohol, which he refused to do. Then she left him, without knowing his reason for drinking. The rest of the story is how he convinced suvasana and her family???

90ml of action, 90ml of sentiment, 90ml of humor,, Overall 100% entertainment.

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Watch 90ML Full Movie Directed by Sekhar Reddy Yerra, Starring Kartikeya Gummakonda, Neha Solanki, Which Is Released In The Year 2019, Streaming online on OTT Platform Amazon Prime